The Expanse Season 6, Episode 5 is on Amazon tonight

The Expanse Season 6 -- Courtesy of Shane Mahood/Amazon Prime Video
The Expanse Season 6 -- Courtesy of Shane Mahood/Amazon Prime Video /

Right now, it’s hard to see how The Expanse can bring everything to a satisfying conclusion. It will have to start with tonight’s new episode.

There are just two episodes left of the entire series. Tonight will air one of them, which means a lot of questions will need to start to be answered. We need to see some of the storylines wrapped up if there’s going to be a brilliant conclusion in the series finale.

It’s hard to see how that is possible with so much happening. However, we’ll get to see tonight at midnight GMT.

Don’t forget that Amazon Prime Video works on time zones, and they work in our favor. All previous episodes have dropped at 7 p.m. ET on Thursday nights, and we’re expecting the same here.

What to expect on The Expanse Season 6, Episode 5

The secret about the dud missile is out. Peaches tells Holden not to feel bad for not killing someone, but he could have ended the war completely. He chose not to, and it’s understandable that a few people are angry about that.

It does mean that there’s still time for Filip to do the right thing. We’re still waiting for him to realize that his dad’s mission is for nothing; that there are better ways to get justice. He needs to realize what has happened to Ceres first.

Drummer may be the key to that. She’s heading to Ceres during the new episode, where she’ll be able to offer some aid. This may also lead to her talking to our favorite reporter, Monica, about everything that’s happened within Marco’s Free Navy.

There is a catastrophe coming, and Avasarala will need to do her part to prevent that. It means releasing crucial information, but why won’t she want to do that?

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The Expanse airs Fridays on Amazon Prime Video.