The Expanse Season 6, Episode 4 is on Amazon Prime Video tonight (December 31)

The Expanse Season 6 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Expanse Season 6 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

It’s another Thursday, and that means there isn’t long to wait for a new episode of The Expanse Season 6. Episode 4 is coming to Amazon Prime Video tonight.

Holden made a huge decision at the end of The Expanse Season 6, Episode 3. It will have a knock-on effect in Episode 4, which is on Amazon Prime Video in just a few hours.

The official release time is midnight GMT on Friday, Dec. 31. You won’t need to wait until New Year’s Eve if you’re in North America, though. The episodes have dropped earlier each week due to time zones. Check out your account at around 7 p.m. tonight, Thursday, Dec. 30.

If the episode isn’t available right away, keep checking. You’ll see it by midnight local, but this series, The Wheel of TimeWith Love, and much more has dropped early throughout this year.

What to expect on The Expanse Season 6, Episode 4

The decision at the end of Episode 3 is going to come up against Holden. Peaches and Amos will realize that the missile wasn’t a dud after all. Someone stopped it from hitting Marco and his Free Navy.

It’s possible that Amos and Peaches may want to blame Naomi at first, but there’s only one who had control over that missile. It was Holden. He chose not to take out Marco. Was that to show compassion for Naomi since Filip was on the ship or was there something else at play? Either way, it’s going to cause trust issues.

Dummer is also continuing her fight against Marco. She’s calling him out for his cowardice, and now it’s time to grow her own faction to take him down. Will this faction work with the Roci and the others, though? Or will Drummer want something out of this for going up against Marco and risking her life?

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The Expanse Season 6, Episode 4 is on Amazon Prime Video tonight.