5 good Amazon shows to watch in January 2022: As We See It and more

As We See It -- Courtesy of Ali Goldstein / © 2021 Amazon Content Services LLC
As We See It -- Courtesy of Ali Goldstein / © 2021 Amazon Content Services LLC /

Can you believe we’re almost into a whole new year? January 2022 brings a lot of great content, and here are five Amazon shows to check out throughout the month.

It’s hard to believe we’re at the end of another year, but here we are. There is some great content coming to Amazon Prime Video, IMDb TV, and Amazon Channels throughout the month of January. Admittedly, when it comes to Amazon Prime Video, it is mostly movies.

Trying to pick five TV shows on Amazon Prime Video was impossible for the month. We are picking one release of IMDb TV and one from one of the Amazon Channels. They still count as you can still watch everything through your Amazon account for the most part. IMDb TV is Amazon’s free streaming platform, so we’re counting it as an Amazon show.

Whether you want comedy or reality, here are five Amazon shows to check out in the new year.

5 must-watch Amazon shows to watch in January 2022

The list is in release date order. It’s just impossible to compare the various genres.

Follow the Money

Follow the Money is a Danish crime drama also known as Bedrag. It follows the illegal activities of fraudsters and corporate crime rings, starting off with the discovery of a body that washes ashore in Denmark.

Mads is a detective on the case, which initially looks like an accident. It turns out there’s so much more and it connects to a company called Energreen.

The first season is one of the Amazon Channels samples available to watch from Jan. 1. The other seasons are available to stream on Topic once you get through the first.

A Discovery of Witches

You’ll need to get one of three Amazon Channels subscriptions to watch A Discovery of Witches. It’s available on Shudder, Sundance Now, or AMC+. Two seasons are currently available, but this is one of the Amazon shows on our list this month due to the release of the third season.

The final season will premiere on Jan. 8, with episodes being released weekly throughout the month and into February. It picks up with Matthew and Diana’s return to the present day, and now they need to protect their unborn twins from the witches, demons, and vampires against them.

Do, Re, & Mi

Need something for the kids? One of the Amazon shows on Amazon Prime Video is Do, Re & Mi. It’s a cute musical series for preschoolers, and new episodes are dropping on Friday, Jan. 14.

The episodes continue to teach children through song. You can put on the current episodes along with all specials right now.

As We See It

Amazon Prime Video will bring a new original for the adults. As We See It follows Jack, Harrison, and Violet. They are three roommates, and we get to see them find love, follow their passions, and simply navigate the world.

But it’s not all that simple. All three are on the autism spectrum, and they’re continually forced to navigate a world that eludes them. This is released as a binge-watch on Friday, Jan. 21.

Judy Justice

Finally, it’s the reality show that you’ll want to check out. IMDb TV will bring new episodes of Judy Justice. This is the new series with Judge Judy, following much of the same pattern as her original series.

It’s time to see her no-nonsense attitude when it comes to the civil court. Make sure you have a good argument when it comes to wanting your money.

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Which Amazon shows are you watching in January 2022? Let us know in the comments below.

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