Will The King’s Man come to Amazon Prime Video?

The King’s Man is now in theaters, but you may not want to head there just yet. You’ll want to watch the movie at home. Is that possible on Amazon?

There’s no doubt that you want to watch the latest addition to the Kingsmen franchise. However, with the current strain of COVID-19 doing the rounds, you may want to avoid the theaters, so you’re looking at where it’s heading to stream online instead.

It’s going to take some time for the movie to head to streaming. After all, it just came to theaters on Wednesday, Dec. 22! That doesn’t stop us looking at where it could head.

The King’s Man is not likely coming to Amazon Prime Video

There is some bad news to start with. We’re not likely to see the movie head to Amazon Prime Video for free with your Prime membership. That’s not going to be the case right away, anyway.

The movie is a 20th Century movie. That should mean Disney+ or Hulu, but these movies are still heading to HBO for the time being. More bad news is that you can’t watch the movie via Amazon Channels. HBO is no longer available via Amazon Channels.

That doesn’t mean we’ll never get it on Amazon Prime Video. It’s going to take a while, though. If Free Guy is anything to judge, it’ll head to Disney+ or Hulu before going to Amazon.

The King’s Man will come to Amazon Video

Of course, there is always the Digital release. We know that The King’s Man will head to DVD and Blu-ray. That means it will also head to Digital eventually. You’ll be able to buy the movie on Digital via Amazon Video.

We don’t have a date for this just yet. It will be before it heads to a streaming platform, though. Once you buy it, you’ll get to watch it as much as you want and never have to question where it’s heading to streaming in the future.

The King’s Man is now out in theaters.