The Lord of the Rings isn’t coming to Amazon in December 2021

The Lord of the Rings -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Lord of the Rings -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

One of the Amazon shows we’re excited to see is the Lord of the Rings series. There’s still a wait as it isn’t coming in December 2021.

There are a few Amazon shows we’re excited to see head to our TV screens. The Lord of the Rings series is most certainly one of them.

We double-checked the list of releases on Amazon in December 2021, and we have some bad news. The show is definitely not on the list of arrivals.

We didn’t expect it to be, but that didn’t stop us from checking. After all, there is always the hope of a Christmas miracle.

Lord of the Rings premiere date

Amazon has already shared the premiere date for the new Lord of the Rings series. We have a long wait on our hands.

The series isn’t arriving until Friday, Sept. 2, 2022. That’s a lot of twos there!

But yes, we are waiting until fall 2022 for the series. I know that was disappointing for many to hear, but it does mean that the series has time to get through post-production. And let’s face it. Post-production on a show like this is going to be long because there’s going to be so much to it.

At least we have a light at the end of the tunnel. We’re still waiting to hear about premiere dates for the likes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 4 and The Boys Season 3. It would be nice if we got some sort of idea of when more shows would arrive on Amazon Prime Video.

Lord of the Rings is going to get a weekly release format. This has been working extremely well for a lot of Amazon shows. I know a lot of people are disappointed by the weekly releases, but this method is good for the shows overall. The weekly release keeps the shows in the mind of viewers and allows the hard work to really be appreciated in full.

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Lord of the Rings is coming to Amazon Prime Video on Sept. 2, 2022.