What time is The Wheel of Time Season 1, Episode 4 on Amazon?

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You’ve seen the first three episodes and now you need more. Just when can you watch The Wheel of Time Season 1, Episode 4 on Amazon?

We are certainly in need of more episodes of The Wheel of Time. The first three only just scratched the surface of the lore within the universe. It is a slow burn when it comes to revealing the lore, with details shared as and when is needed. Moiraine’s emotional storytelling in Episode 2 was just beautiful and worth the three minutes of screentime it took up.

Right now, our group has been separated. Moiraine needs to get the young adults back together if she wants to protect them from the Trollocs that are chasing them. However, that’s going to be easier said than done, even with the extra help she’s come across.

The Wheel of Time Season 1, Episode 4 release time

We have to wait until Friday for the new episode of the season. As a global original, the official release time for The Wheel of Time Season 1, Episode 4 is midnight GMT on Friday, Nov. 26.

This is great news for those of us in North America. We usually get the episodes a little earlier. The first three episodes dropped around 7 p.m. ET last Thursday. That means we’re looking at around 7 p.m. ET on Thursday, Nov. 25.

Yes, this is Thanksgiving, but that’s not a concern for Amazon. After all, The Wheel of Time Season 2 is already confirmed, and it’s not like streamers are affected by immediate live viewers in the way that broadcast networks are. If you can’t watch it right away on Thursday evening, it’ll be there for you all weekend.

Just keep in mind that the official release date is Friday, Nov. 26. Sometimes, the episodes are held until them but that doesn’t happen all that often.

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What do you hope to see as the series continues? What’s been your favorite moment of The Wheel of Time so far? Share in the comments below.

The Wheel of Time airs Fridays on Amazon Prime Video.