Is Belfast coming to Amazon Prime Video?

Belfast is currently in theaters, and it’s a movie everyone should watch. Can you stream Belfast online through Amazon Prime Video?

Directed by Kenneth Branagh, Belfast offers us a look at his childhood. We follow Buddy, a young boy who just wants to live his best life. However, the adults around him are starting to fight, and he doesn’t really get why at first.

This isn’t just another movie about the Troubles in Northern Ireland. It’s a movie that focuses on family during the time, a family that needs to stay together while everything around them falls apart.

Right now, you can only watch the movie in theaters. That doesn’t stop you from wondering where you can stream Belfast online in the future.

Where to stream Belfast online

It’s unlikely that the movie is going to head to Amazon Prime Video. This is a Focus Features movie, and we see them head to HBO Now after the theatrical release. This is usually after six to eight months since the theatrical release.

This doesn’t mean Belfast will never head to Amazon Prime Video as part of your Prime membership. It just means that it’s not heading to Prime right away. We may see it eventually added in a few years.

More bad news is that HBO Now is no longer available via Amazon Channels. It was recently removed as WarnerMedia tries to encourage more people to sign up directly to HBO Max. The movie will head there when it heads to HBO Now.

You will be able to watch the movie via Amazon Video when it gets a Digital release. This is likely in a few months’ time, which is when most Focus Features movies head to Digital and then DVD and Blu-ray.

Belfast is currently in theaters.