Who is the Dragon Reborn on The Wheel of Time?

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Moiraine has gathered the people together she believes could be the Dragon Reborn. Who is this person on The Wheel of Time?

The synopsis and the promo for The Wheel of Time made Moiraine’s mission clear. She is looking for the Dragon Reborn, and she’s sure it is one of four people from one particular village. They are all the right age, and it’s clear the Dark One believes them to potentially be the Dragon Reborn too.

Now Moiraine is on a journey with these four people. Well, she was but they ended up split up during the second episode. It didn’t take long for that to happen! Now she’ll have to find them again and hope that the Dark One doesn’t get the one he needs.

Who is the Dragon Reborn on The Wheel of Time?

The Dragon Reborn is prophesized to either bring the complete destruction of the world or to save it. In the past, the Dragon was a man who destroyed the world. Women were then the only ones to be able to channel magic safely.

We see in the opening moments that a man who tries to channel magic is going mad. He claims to be the Dragon Reborn, but the Aes Sedai who found him were sent specifically for false dragons. Moiraine was the only one sent on a journey to find the real one.

If the Dark One gets the real Dragon Reborn, the world will be destroyed. So, Moiraine needs to keep her four potential Dragons safe.

Who are the four potential dragons? We have Perrin, Mat, Rand, and Egwene. Yes, one of the potential dragons is a woman. While it was a man the first time, the Aes Sedai make it clear that the reincarnation could be a woman. Egwene can channel magic, too, and it looks like Moiraine hopes that she will be the prophesized reincarnation.

Of course, if you’ve read the books, you’ll know how it all plays out. However, the show has adapted a lot of the story to try and avoid some of the Lord of the Ring vibes. Could it mean the real Dragon Reborn is also changed?

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