Always Jane is coming to Amazon Prime Video tonight

Always Jane -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Always Jane -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

If you’re looking for a new coming-of-age docuseries, Amazon has you covered tonight. Always Jane Season 1 will arrive in full to binge-watch.

Amazon has a lot of new content arriving throughout the month. There are 12 new original shows and movies arriving in November, and one of them is coming tonight. It’s all about Always Jane.

This is a global original, which is good news for those in North America. The series will drop at midnight GMT on Friday, Nov. 12. However, as the streamer works on time zones, there is a good chance that the series will drop at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. ET tonight, Thursday, Nov. 11.

There isn’t a guarantee of this time, of course. Not all Amazon shows and movies end up getting the early release, but a lot do.

All four episodes of the series will drop at once. This is a great mini binge-watch for the weekend.

What is Always Jane about?

Always Jane follows Jane Noury, a teen who lives with her family in rural New Jersey. She has to do everything that all teenage girls do: balance family, friends, and schoolwork. Jane has something else she has to face, though. She’s a transgender teenage girl, and that comes with its own discrimination and problems.

Fortunately, she has a highly supportive family and friendship circle. With people close to her to help her through the darker times, she can get through everything.

We get a chance to see into her world. This is a chance to watch how her family deal with the bad through the use of humor and love. We also get a chance to see Jane chase after her dream of being a model.

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Always Jane is coming to Amazon Prime Video tonight.