Who died in I Know What You Did Last Summer Episode 6?

I Know What You Did Last Summer - Courtesy of Michael Desmond/Amazon Prime Video
I Know What You Did Last Summer - Courtesy of Michael Desmond/Amazon Prime Video /

We knew at least one more death was coming in I Know What You Did Last Summer Episode 6. Who hasn’t made it to the end of the Amazon show?

The end of Episode 5 left us with a feeling that another body was going to show up. A bloody machete and the sound of a woman gasping for air made it clear that someone was going to die. We just didn’t know who.

It didn’t take long to find out what had happened. If you thought Clara was still off the hook as the murderer, you’d be wrong. It definitely wasn’t her in the woods. And we knew with Allison/Lennon and Margot in bed, it wasn’t them.

So, who would it be? Would it be one of the teens or someone else on the island?

Two deaths on I Know What You Did Last Summer Episode 6

There were actually two deaths during the episode. It took all of I Know What You Did Last Summer Episode 6 for one of them to happen, though.

We picked up the night the teenagers were at Clara’s house. It looked like they all got away, but it turned out that Riley didn’t. She was stabbed through the chest with the machete, but she survived that. As she tried to reach for a branch to hit her attacker, the machete came down and cut off Riley’s arm.

It looked like she was dead, and we saw a boot nudge her to check. That boot looks like it belongs to a man, but that doesn’t fully rule out Clara just yet. It does make me more suspicious about Bruce, though.

Riley regained consciousness the next morning and tried to get home. However, as she got to her house, she collapsed and died there. It looks like Clara has her body, though.

The other death was linked to Riley. Riley’s mom realized that something had happened to her daughter. At first, she thought the police had arrested Riley, but it turned out that Riley was missing. The cops didn’t care though.

You would think that with a murderer out there, the cops would take a missing teenager more seriously. However, these cops are useless at their jobs. They believe that because it’s been only males who have been killed so far that the murderer is only targeting males. They’re more interested in the spiders.

Hmm, they’re about to realize just how stupid they are on I Know What You Did Last Summer.

The teenagers were lured to the cliffs with messages from “Riley.” At first, they think Riley is looking for help, especially after finding her hand in the middle of the woods. However, they then get a goodbye message and realize it’s the murderer wanting them to watch her die. Riley isn’t actually dead at this point, so I’m a little confused at the game this killer is playing.

Episode 6 saw Riley’s mom get messages from Riley. It looked like Riley needed help, but it soon turned out to be a trap. Riley got to Clara’s property only to end up setting off the intended trap and being hanged with wire. It would have been a terrible and painful way to die, but maybe now the cops might actually pay attention when someone says kids are missing.

The group of teens are now down to three, and it’s clear that one of them is up to something. Bruce is acting suspicious, Clara is still a suspect, and it’s clear the police are useless. What could happen next?

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What did you think of the latest episode? Who do you think the killer is? Let us know in the comments below.

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