5 good horror movies on Shudder to watch for Halloween 2021

Anything for Jackson on Shudder, photo courtesy of Shudder
Anything for Jackson on Shudder, photo courtesy of Shudder /

We’re getting closer to the scariest night of the year. This is a great time to watch horror movies on Shudder, and here are the top five to pick.

There isn’t much time to get though all the great content on Shudder. This is a streamer dedicated to horror, and there are so many wonderful films and TV shows. If you haven’t checked out Creepshow yet, now is the time to do so. And don’t forget that A Discovery of Witches is available for those who prefer something a little more supernatural and fantasy than downright horror.

But what about the movies available? There is something for everyone. Love zombie movies? Prefer ghosts? What about just scary stories to tell in the dark? Shudder certainly has you covered.

We’ve narrowed down the list with the five good horror movies on Shudder you need to watch this year. There’s plenty of time to watch all the others throughout the year.

5 must-watch horror movies on Shudder

Anything for Jackson

We start with a movie about grandparents who are willing to do anything for their grandson. A lot of grandparents are, but the “anything” can sometimes go a little too far. You see, in this case, their grandson has died.

Julian Richings and Sheila McCarthy star as Henry and Audrey. After the death of their grandson, they turn to the supernatural to bring him back. It’s all through a pregnant woman they know, but what happens to the pregnant woman in all this?


There are some horror movies on Shudder from the past, and Poltergeist is one of them. The 1982 movie remains one of the scariest ghost movies of all time, and there’s no doubt you’ll want to watch it this Halloween.

The movie follows a family that movies into their dream home. However, that dream turns into a nightmare when they find out there’s a poltergeist who isn’t afraid to hurt and kill to get its own way.

The Mortuary Collection

If you love scary stories and prefer a movie filled with anthology tales, you’ll want to turn to The Mortuary Collection. Clancy Brown is a strange man who owns a funeral home. When a girl comes looking for a job, he decides to tell her a series of scary stories.

Will she be scared? There are a few that may make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. However, the girl may have a scarier tale to tell.


This isn’t to be confused with Amazon Prime Video’s series Them. This is one of the foreign horror movies on Shudder you need to check out. It’s also known as Ils in France.

If you like The Strangers, you’ll want to watch Them. The 2006 horror movie follows a couple on vacation when a group of hooded strangers starts tormenting them. Can the couple survive the night? The movie is reportedly based on a true story, but there’s no evidence to actually back it up. It’s just one of those stories to tell to make the movie seem scarier.

Train to Busan

What about zombie movies? There are some great options out there, but the 2016 South Korean movie Train to Busan remains one of the best ever created.

The movie follows a dad and his daughter on a train to, well, Busan. It’s pretty straightforward so far, right? On the train there’s a zombie outbreak. Now this dad must do everything he can to protect his daughter and make sure they get to their final destination unscathed.

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Which horror movies on Shudder are you watching for Halloween 2021? What do you recommend throughout the year? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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