Is Doctor Who Season 13 coming to Amazon Prime Video?

DOctor Who Season 13 -- Courtesy of AMC PR
DOctor Who Season 13 -- Courtesy of AMC PR /

Doctor Who used to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Does that mean we’ll be able to watch Doctor Who Season 13 on the platform?

It was originally possible to stream episodes of the Doctor Who revival on Amazon Prime Video. Does this mean we’ll be able to watch the new season when it arrives? We have some bad news coming.

Doctor Who Season 13 will premiere on Sunday, Oct. 31. Episodes will air on BBC America every Sunday night with six episodes to the season. There are specials to follow in 2022, marking the end of Jodie Whittaker’s run as the infamous character.

So, where can you stream the episodes online?

Doctor Who is no longer on Amazon Prime Video

You can’t stream the series on Amazon Prime Video anymore. Doctor Who left Amazon and headed to HBO Max. This streaming platform isn’t available on Amazon Prime Video by Amazon Channels.

However, you can get the app on your Amazon Fire TV devices. So, at least there’s an easy way to watch.

Don’t expect the show to head back to Amazon Prime Video. Not any time soon, at least. Once it does leave HBO Max, there’s a chance that it will head to AMC+. After all, AMC Networks owns BBC America.

You can watch the original series on BritBox, which is available via Amazon Channels.

Will Doctor Who Season 13 be on Amazon Video?

The episodes do head to Digital, which offers some good news. You’ll be able to stream Doctor Who Season 13 on Amazon Video. You’ll just need to buy the episodes, and they’ll be added to your Amazon Library.

It’s worth the Season Pass when available. This is the best way to save money.

As of right now, you can’t pre-order the season. You’ll want to keep an eye on Doctor Who on Amazon for when the 13th season is available.

It will also eventually head to DVD.

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Doctor Who Season 13 premieres on Sunday, Oct. 31 on BBC America.