Is Leverage: Redemption Season 2 coming in 2021?

Leverage: Redemption -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video/IMDb TV
Leverage: Redemption -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video/IMDb TV /

We don’t yet know if Leverage: Redemption Season 2 is going to happen. That doesn’t stop us from questioning whether there’s a chance we’ll get it in 2021.

Right now, we have no idea if there’s going to be a second season. It doesn’t stop us from hoping that it will happen. It also looks like the stars of the series are more than happy about signing on for another season. According to TV Insider, they have a lot of hopes.

Now it leads to us wondering about the second season. Is there a chance that we could get it sometime in 2021?

Leverage: Redemption Season 2 won’t arrive in 2021

Even if the series is renewed right away, there’s just no way we could see it arrive before the end of this year. It takes months to film and get through post-production. Even if the season is split in two parts like the first season, we’re still looking at around 12 months between seasons.

This show doesn’t require as much CGI as some shows like The Expanse and The Boys, but there’s still some work needed. That can take months to work through.

With that in mind, we’d be looking at the end of 2022. There just isn’t a way to get it any sooner. If there’s a big delay in renewing the show, we’re looking at early 2023.

There’s a chance the season would be split into two parts. It’s a great way to keep new content coming to IMDb TV, which is slowly growing its original programming.

There are certainly a few characters we’d love to see pop up in the second season. These are characters that kept popping up in the original series, including Mark Sheppard’s Sterling and Wil Wheaton’s Chaos. Let’s hope schedules work out as the pandemic slows down and things start to return to normal.

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Leverage: Redemption is available to stream on IMDb TV. Stay tuned for the latest updates about Leverage: Redemption Season 2.