The Nevers Season 1, Part 1 DVD review: What to expect

The Nevers -- Photograph by Keith Bernstein/HBO
The Nevers -- Photograph by Keith Bernstein/HBO /

The Nevers Season 1, Part 1 comes to DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, Oct. 5. Take a look inside this review to see what to expect.

Why would you want a DVD boxset for a show that is on a streaming platform? Well, do you want to keep paying for a subscription every month just to watch one show? Or maybe two or three shows? It all ends up adding up.

And then there are problems with internet connections or the streaming platforms have a hissy fit for a while. You want to be able to watch your shows, and that includes The Nevers Season 1, Part 1. The series is heading to DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, Oct. 5.

Set in August, 1986, the series follows a group of mostly women who have been Touched after a supernatural event. They all form one special skill because of the event, whether it involves electricity, the ability to sing a special song, or time travel.

Amalia True and Penance Adair work together to protect these special women (and some men) with the help of Lavinia Bidlow. However, there’s something sinister going on, and Bidlow has something to do with it.

What to expect on The Nevers Season 1, Part 1 DVD and Blu-ray

We got a review copy of The Nevers Season 1, Part 1 DVD to offer our honest review. The copy includes all six episodes that aired on HBO. We’re still waiting for Part 2, and it looks like we’ll be waiting until 2022 for that. We know it’s worth the wait.

The quality of the episodes is excellent, but they’re not the only reason we get the DVD boxsets. It’s about the bonus features, right?

There are two bonus features exclusive to the DVD and Blu-ray boxsets. HBO has never released them on YouTube. They are:

  • A Touch of Power: The Themes Behind The Nevers
  • Accustomed to the Impossible: The Making of The Nevers

We shared an exclusive sneak peek of the first feature, giving just a glimpse of some of the themes touched on.

Other bonus features that you may have seen elsewhere but now have all in one place include:

  • Introducing The Nevers
  • A New Age of Power
  • Character Portrait: Amalia True
  • Character Portrait: Penance Adair
  • Character Portrait: Mary Brighton
  • Character Portrait: Annie Bonfire
  • Creating The Nevers: A Night at the Opera
  • Creating The Nevers: A Charitable Event
  • Creating The Nevers: Walking on Water
  • Character Portrait: Detective Frank Mundi
  • Character Portrait: Augie Bidlow & Hugo Swann
  • Villains of The Nevers
  • Creating The Nevers: Confrontation and Translation
  • Creating The Nevers: Shock and Awe
  • Creating The Nevers: Telling Time
  • The Craft: Editor, Lisa Lassek
  • The Craft: VFX Supervisor, Johnny Han
  • The Craft: Director, Zetna Fuentes

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What did you think of The Nevers Season 1, Part 1? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Nevers Season 1, Part 1 is available on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, Oct. 5.