What time is Leverage: Redemption Season 1, Part 2 coming to IMDb TV?

Leverage: Redemption -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video/IMDb TV
Leverage: Redemption -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video/IMDb TV /

The second half of the Leverage revival is heading to IMDb TV this week. What time can you start streaming Leverage: Redemption Season 1, Part 2?

While we certainly missed Nate, it was awesome to see the rest of the gang back together. Even the two newbies were good additions and helped to soften the blow of no Nate and Hardison leaving early.

Eight episodes wasn’t enough. The good news was that we’d get another eight episodes before the year is out. Those eight episodes will arrive at the end of this week. Now you just need to figure out when we can start watching those eight episodes this week.

All episodes are on IMDb TV. This is Amazon’s free streaming service so you’ll just have to deal with the ads in return for paying nothing.

Leverage: Redemption release time on IMDb TV

IMDb TV shows arrive at midnight on the day the episodes are going to be released. We’re looking at midnight on Friday, Oct. 8 for all eight episodes of Leverage: Redemption Season 1, Part 2.

Yes, all eight episodes will arrive at the same time. You can spend the whole weekend binge-watching the episodes.

Of course, one of the episodes we’re excited about is the episode with James Marsters. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer actor spent time onscreen with Christian Kane throughout the last season of Angel. Their characters had some great moments, and we’re waiting for the Easter eggs that will happen throughout Marsters’s episode of Leverage: Redemption.

The rest of the season is very much like the first half of Season 1. We’ll see the team back together stealing from the rich to give back to the rich’s victims. These criminals go up against insurance agencies, banks, and much more to make sure the victims are protected and don’t take a penny for themselves.

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Leverage: Redemption is streaming on IMDb TV on Friday, Oct. 8.