The Boys Season 3 is not coming to Amazon in October 2021

The Boys Season 2 - Courtesy of Amazon Studios
The Boys Season 2 - Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

We’re waiting for a few Amazon shows to air new seasons, and The Boys Season 3 is one of them. There’s still a wait on our hands.

We don’t have the full list of arrivals at the time of writing this, but we know that some shows most definitely aren’t going to be on the list. The Boys Season 3 is one of them.

If it was, we’d know all about it. After all, we hear about the Amazon Originals arriving a least a month before the release dates. So, we would have heard sometime in September at the latest about an October release.

It just isn’t possible for The Boys Season 3 to arrive in October 2021. The season has only just finished filming.

The Boys Season 3 release date predictions

Yes, that’s right. The Boys Season 3 filming has come to an end in Toronto, but only recently. The cast made the announcement on social media, getting us excited for things to come. This has been the way for a lot of shows to update on the progress of filming.

Now filming is done, it’s time for post-production. There is a lot of work to do here, so we’re not expecting the new season to arrive before the end of 2021.

Usually, we’d say 14 months between seasons, but the pandemic put filming on hold for a while. The third season didn’t start filming until the start of 2021. We’ll probably see the season arrive sometime in early 2022 at the earliest, but we may be looking at March or April as more likely dates due to the amount of post-production work that will be needed.

We know it’s worth the wait. And we’re hoping for the after-show special again this year.

Do expect a weekly release schedule. With the amount of work that goes into a show, we can give it extra time to air and really appreciate it all, right?

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The Boys is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Stay tuned for the latest updates about The Boys Season 3.