Everybody’s Talking About Jamie 2 release date, cast, trailer, synopsis, and more

Everybody's Talking About Jamie-- Courtesy of John Rogers/Amazon
Everybody's Talking About Jamie-- Courtesy of John Rogers/Amazon /

After watching Jamie follow his dream in the first movie, it’s time to look ahead at what’s next. What do we know about Everybody’s Talking About Jamie 2?

Jamie New had a dream. He wanted to be a drag queen. Of course, not everyone thought his dream was attainable or even “normal.”

Fortunately, he had people who stood by him. One of those was his mother and her best friend, two people who made sure he had the dresses and shoes he’d need to follow his dream. He also found a mentor who helped him gain the confidence he’d need.

There aren’t any plans for Everybody’s Talking About Jamie 2 just yet. That doesn’t mean we can’t see it happen. Here’s what we know right now about the sequel.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie 2 release date

Without a confirmed sequel, we don’t have a release date. If it was to happen, we’d be looking at September 2022 at the earliest. However, it’s likely that we’d need to wait until 2023 while we wait for a confirmed sequel.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie 2 cast

We need to see the following return for a sequel:

  • Max Harwood as Jamie
  • Sarah Lancashire as Margaret New
  • Shobna Gulati as Ray
  • Richard E. Grant as Hugo Battersby/Loco Chanelle

We’d also love to see Lauren Patel as Pritti Pasha to see how Jamie’s friendship with Pritti would continue after school.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie 2 trailer

There isn’t a trailer just yet. We’ll be sure to bring that when it arrives.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie 2 synopsis

Now that Jamie has left school, there’s the chance to see his dream come true. His journey to being a successful drag queen would certainly have highs and lows. There would be people still against him, but he’d also have the drag community to support him.

A lot of these schools focused on high school students see a happy ending, but there is still a life to live. It’s a bit like how fairy tales have the happily ever after ending and then don’t show the work to make relationships successful after. Wouldn’t it be good to see the continued journey?

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Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.