Everybody’s Talking About Jamie ending explained: Did Jamie achieve his dream?

Max Harwood stars in EVERYBODY’S TALKING ABOUT JAMIE Photo: John Rogers © Amazon Content Services LLC
Max Harwood stars in EVERYBODY’S TALKING ABOUT JAMIE Photo: John Rogers © Amazon Content Services LLC /

Jamie New had one dream: to become a drag queen. Did he achieve that dream at the end of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie?

While other students dreamed of becoming doctors and even football players, Jamie had a different dream. He wanted to perform on a stage, and not as a Broadway or West End performer. His dream was to become a drag queen.

The movie is based on a true story. That should have given you an idea as to how Everybody’s Talking About Jamie would come to an end. However, there were a few plot points that we weren’t sure about.

It turned out the movie wasn’t just about becoming a drag queen. Jamie wanted to live his truth at school. It was about him finding himself, while also learning the truth about his father.

How did Everybody’s Talking About Jamie end?

Let’s get the drag queen part out of the way on Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, as it was just a small part of the whole movie. Yes, Jamie did get to perform on stage as a drag queen. With the help of Loco Chanelle, Jamie got the courage to step out on stage as Mimi Me. It was a fabulous performance, and Mimi Me’s debut to the world before Jamie went to prom.

That’s where the problem was. Jamie’s careers teacher and principal both decided that Jamie couldn’t turn up to prom in a dress. Well, more specifically, he couldn’t go to prom as Mimi Me.

Jamie wasn’t sure what to do. Should he opt for a tux or not go to prom? It takes some time to figure out, especially when he also learns that his dad wants nothing to do with him.

Up to this point, Jamie’s mom had been signing cards and sending flowers for his dad. The idea was to make Jamie think his dad loved him, but the truth was, his dad was a narcissistic, selfish [insert your favorite word here] who was embarrassed by his son. With Jamie turning 16, his dad decided it was time to step away completely.

Jamie spent some time figuring out who he was. It included stealing alcohol, dressing up for football and dancing on the pitch, getting beaten up in front of his dad, and turning to Loco Chanelle for help and advice.

That helped Jamie turn back to his mom. She had only tried to help him, and he could see that now. She also supported him with whatever dream he wanted to follow and whoever he wanted to be. Jamie also admitted he didn’t need his dad when they had his mom’s best friend, Ray. It helped him decide to wear a dress to prom after all, but not go as Mimi Me.

Of course, the careers teacher didn’t want to let him into prom. Prom was about all of them celebrating their last days of high school. However, the rest of the class stood up for him and got her to let Jamie into the prom after all. Jamie also offered some advice to the school bully, who Jamie’s best friend Pritti had put down, to get him to go to prom even if Jamie was there in a dress.

It was a great night in the end, and it was clearly just the start of Jamie’s future.

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