The Mad Women’s Ball is coming to Amazon tonight

The Mad Women's Ball -- Courtesy of Christine Tamalet/Amazon
The Mad Women's Ball -- Courtesy of Christine Tamalet/Amazon /

There are some excellent releases on Amazon Prime Video coming very soon. One you’ll want to watch tonight is The Mad Women’s Ball.

Many books are adapted into movies and TV shows. The Mad Women’s Ball is one of the upcoming adaptations. In fact, you’ll be able to watch it tonight.

The official release date is Friday, Sept. 17 on Amazon Prime Video. It’s worth noting that it’s a global original, which offers some great news for those of us in North America. The release time is midnight GMT, and that means time zones work in our favor.

There’s a good chance The Mad Women’s Ball will be on Amazon at 7 p.m. ET tonight, Thursday, Sept. 16. If it’s not available right away, keep checking. It will be available by midnight local.

The Mad Women’s Ball plot synopsis

Based on Le bal des folles by Victoria Mas, the movie follows a patient at a 19th-century mental institution in Paris and a tormented nurse. Mélanie Laurent plays the nurse, and she’s also co-written and directed the movie.

Lou de Laâge is Eugénie, a vibrant woman who has been unfairly institutionalized. She wants to escape, and she forms a bond with Geneviève, the tormented nurse who may be able to get her out.

They prepare their escape as it comes up to the annual ball where all the female patients at the institution get to enjoy a night of fun and dancing.

While it is a thriller, there are also some social aspects to the story. It’s a look at just how unfair medicine has been in the past for women, and how it still remains so in many areas today. You don’t need to have read the book first to enjoy the movie, but it is certainly worth the read.

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The Mad Women’s Ball is on Amazon Prime Video tonight.