Hanna Season 3 is not coming to Amazon in September 2021

Hanna Season 2 -- Courtesy of Christopher Raphael/Amazon Prime Video
Hanna Season 2 -- Courtesy of Christopher Raphael/Amazon Prime Video /

There are a few Amazon shows we’re highly anticipating. Hanna Season 3 is one of them, but we still have a wait on our hands.

We’ve double-checked the list of Amazon releases in September 2021, and Hanna Season 3 is definitely nowhere on the list. It’s looking less likely that the series will drop its new season before the end of the year.

These delays are uncommon but not unexpected. The last 18 months have been anything but ordinary, with the pandemic causing a lot of filming delays. Hanna didn’t get to start filming Season 3 until the start of 2021, which means a delay in the release of it.

There are some reports that filming has finished, but nothing official as of yet. We keep looking out for the official news, and we’ll be sure to let you know when there is an update that we can fully trust.

Hanna Season 3 release date updates

So, when can we expect the new season? If filming has wrapped or is close to wrapping, there is some positive news. It suggests an early 2022 release date. That would give the series time to get through the post-production work.

If filming hasn’t finished yet, we’re still looking at a bit of time. However, it’s possible that filming is close to the end considering the 2021 start. Early 2022 is still possible.

The second season came out in July 2020. An early 2022 start wouldn’t be too terrible of a wait considering the pandemic. March 2022 would time with the release of the first season of the series.

We’re not expecting a weekly release format like The Boys and The Expanse. However, this will depend on how the show wants to do things. More shows want streamers to release weekly because it’s better in terms of viewership and keeping the series in the public’s eye. Their hard work deserves to be noticed.

Hopefully, a renewal will come in shortly after the release again. That will allow the production team to get a start right away and keep the wait for Season 4 to a minimum.

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Hanna is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Stay tuned for Hanna Season 3 updates.