Modern Love Season 2, Episode 6 recap: Love after an affair

Modern Love Season 2 -- Courtesy of Christopher Saunders/Amazon Prime Video
Modern Love Season 2 -- Courtesy of Christopher Saunders/Amazon Prime Video /

When two spouses find out their partners are having an affair with each other, they need to move forward in Modern Love Season 2, Episode 6.

If there is one episode of Modern Love Season 2 that hit close to home, it was this one. While not in the exact same position, I could relate to Anna Paquin’s character, Isabelle. She finds out her husband is having an affair. Rather than beg him to stay and try to make things work, she leaves, and I hate the utmost respect for that decision.

However, it’s not easy. Living with the knowledge your spouse had an affair isn’t easy at all. For Isabelle, she also as a young child to care for. Yet, to help her through it all, she goes to therapy. That’s where she comes across Spence.

We’d already met Spence at the start of Modern Love Season 2, Episode 6. His wife was the one having an affair with Isabelle’s husband. Isabelle made sure Spence figured out the truth so he could make a choice, and that involved him walking away from the marriage. It’s not only the breakdown of the marriage that causes his mental health problems, though. He’s also facing PTSD from his time in the Army.

The two meet again in the waiting room of the therapist’s office. After that, they head out for lunch, and that’s where they start to form a connection.

Finding love after an affair on Modern Love Season 2, Episode 6

The two start up a friendship that leads to a dinner date. However, while there, Spence spots Isabelle’s ex-husband walk into the restaurant. He suggests they head back to her house to fix her lighting issues as a way to prevent Isabelle seeing her ex out on a date. It doesn’t work, but Isabelle does decide they need to get out of there.

Later, Isabelle cancels a date. Her son is running a temperature. Spence heads to the shops for gifts for Isabelle, where he runs into Isabelle’s ex. The ex comments how his son is sick and the mother won’t get him to the hospital. Spence suggests that the ex pushes for a hospital trip. It’s a good thing that happens since it turns out the boy has meningitis.

Spence gets to the hospital to see Isabelle and her ex comforting each other. They’re not getting back together, but Spence decides not to intrude.

Spence leaves the hospital and we get visions of him walking down the street removing jewelry and clothing. He switches from the man walking away from his marriage, the soldier walking away from his career, and a man stripping away what he’s become. That includes the baby sock from Isabelle that he’d picked up earlier in the episode.

It’s like he’s walking away from Isabelle, and for a while he is. He thinks Isabelle and her ex should try to work on their marriage, but Isabelle explains that there were too many affairs. She can’t be with him, and so she and Spence rekindle their budding romance.

We end with them both back in the waiting room at the therapist’s office where Isabelle kisses him and leaves him to his appointment.

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