Space Jam 2 DVD release date set for October 2021

Space Jam: A New Legacy. © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved
Space Jam: A New Legacy. © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved /

Are you ready to add the newest Space Jam to your DVD collection? There isn’t long left to wait for the Space Jam 2 DVD release date.

Whether you think the new Space Jam was needed or not, it’s a great story for kids and adults alike. It brings plenty of nostalgia of both the original movie and just of Looney Toons in general while bringing a fresh feel and a lot of fun.

Naturally, you want to add the movie to your DVD collection. The good news is the Space Jam 2 DVD and Blu-ray release date is set, and there isn’t that much longer to wait.

The great news is the release date is a little earlier than our predicted date. It’s coming at the start of October.

Space Jam 2 DVD release date

The official release date for the Space Jam 2 DVD and Blu-ray is Tuesday, Oct. 5. There isn’t a copy available to pre-order at the time of searching, but keep an eye on the listings. When you pre-order on Amazon, you’ll land the price guarantee to make sure you only pay the lowest amount up to the release date.

There is plenty of merchandise to purchase on Amazon. You’ll want to make this a big release for the kids.

There isn’t a sign of a combo pack with the first Space Jam just yet, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen. That will be something to look out for if you never did get the first movie or you want it as an updated quality.

Right now, the Digital release date for Space Jam 2 isn’t confirmed. This has been at the same time as the DVD release or just a week earlier for most Warner Bros. movies due to the way the theatrical releases have been.

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Space Jam 2 DVD and Blu-ray are coming on Tuesday, Oct. 5.