When will Modern Love Season 3 come to Amazon Prime Video?

Modern Love Season 2 -- Courtesy of David Cleary/Amazon
Modern Love Season 2 -- Courtesy of David Cleary/Amazon /

Modern Love Season 2 has only just been released, but our eyes are already on the future. When can we watch Modern Love Season 3 on Amazon Prime Video?

We have to be upfront. At the time of writing and publishing this, Modern Love Season 3 hasn’t been confirmed. It’s only been the weekend since the release of the second season, so the lack of renewal isn’t that surprising.

We have some hope though. When it comes to romance and love stories, this is a show that needs to remain on the air. It’s inclusive, it’s beautiful, and it doesn’t give us the constant “happy ever after” narrative that too many romance movies offer.

We’re expecting a third season, and now we just need to know when that will be. How long are we waiting for another eight stories?

Will Modern Love Season 3 come to Amazon in 2021?

We’re not looking at the release of the episodes before the end of the year. It’s the middle of August, so even if the renewal came this week, there just wouldn’t be enough time to write and film all the episodes. And then there’s the post-production stage!

So, we’re looking at sometime in 2022 at the earliest. It usually takes 14 to 18 months for new seasons of Amazon shows. Sure, it took almost two years for Modern Love Season 2, but there was that thing called a pandemic that put filming on hold. That won’t be a problem the second time.

We’re looking at October 2022 at the earliest for the new season. It could be the end of 2022.

We’ll get a bit more of an idea when the renewal happens. The longer it takes to get a renewal, the longer it will take to start the writing and the filming. That then has a knock-on effect with releasing the season.

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What did you think of Modern Love Season 2? What type of love stories would you like to see in Modern Love Season 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Modern Love is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.