Is Titans on Amazon?

"Barbara Gordon." Titans season 3. Courtesy of Warner Media.
"Barbara Gordon." Titans season 3. Courtesy of Warner Media. /

Titans Season 3 has finally premiered, and you’ll want to know where to go to watch it. Is it possible to stream the DC series on Amazon?

When it comes to DC shows, there is one that stands out for being dark. Move over Teen Titans and welcome Titans. It’s certainly not for children, but it is something you’ll want to watch with your friends.

Now you just need to figure out where you can watch it. Titans is streaming online, but can you watch it with Amazon Prime Video? Is there any way to watch it on Amazon?

Here’s a look at all your options when it comes to streaming this series.

Titans is not streaming on Amazon Prime Video

The bad news is that you can’t stream the series on Amazon Prime Video. It’s not on the list to stream with your Prime membership. Neither are the first two seasons.

The series was initially on DC Universe. However, when that streamer closed down, it moved over to HBO Max. That’s where you can watch the first two seasons in full and where the third season will arrive on a weekly basis. The first three episodes are available now.

Watch Titans on Amazon Video

There is a bit of good news, though. It’s possible to buy the episodes on Digital via Amazon Video.

All episodes of the first two seasons are currently available to buy. The third isn’t yet, and it’s debatable if it will do. HBO Max shows aren’t available to buy on Digital as it would take people away from the streamer. However, there may be a different rule for this one since the show has already been available to buy.

You can also buy the seasons on DVD and Blu-ray. It’s unclear if the third season will be available, but we certainly hope so! It wouldn’t make sense to break the trend.

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Titans is available to stream on HBO Max.