Panic canceled: Why isn’t Season 2 happening at Amazon?

Panic Season 1 - Courtesy of Matt Lankes/Amazon Studios
Panic Season 1 - Courtesy of Matt Lankes/Amazon Studios /

Panic Season 2 is not happening at Amazon Prime Video. The series has been canceled after one season, but why is that?

Amazon has been on a YA drama push. Panic was the second of the YA releases within the last 12 months, and Deadline now reports that the series has been canceled.

The streaming platform decided not to move forward with more seasons of the YA thriller series. It will be disappointing for those who were interested in the show, leading to questions about why the renewal hasn’t happened.

There weren’t many TV shows canceled in 2020, so this cancellation will come as a surprise to some. There are a few reasons it hasn’t happened.

Why was Panic canceled after one season?

The show simply wasn’t as popular as The Wilds, a YA series released in 2020. There was a chance that the show could have been renewed, but there was something else that encouraged Amazon not to renew it.

The first season did tell the full story. We got the start to the end of the game of Panic, giving us the full adaptation of the novel by Lauren Oliver. It did feel more like a limited series than something that needed another season to continue the story, and Amazon decided there was no need to renew the series due to that.

There were a few theories about how it could continue, including going an anthology series route. While there was support for the series from the higher-ups at Amazon, the lack of support from viewers made it clear this wasn’t something to continue.

Amazon is still working on developing YA shows. I Know What You Did Last Summer and Hot Pink are two shows in development, with the former coming this year.

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Panic is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.