What’s streaming on Amazon Prime Video this week?

There’s plenty to watch from the first-of-the-month drop, but what about during the week? Here’s what’s streaming on Amazon between Aug. 2 and 6, 2021.

The bad news is there isn’t that much new on Amazon Prime Video during the week. That’s not all too surprising when you consider the first-of-the-month drop that’s just happened. There were 65 titles added to the streaming platform today!

You’ll have plenty to watch while you wait for the drops at the very end of the week. There are two titles streaming on Amazon Prime Video at the end of the week.

Both titles are Amazon Originals. Let’s take a look at what to watch, along with some exciting additions during the month of August.

Val and S.O.Z. Soldiers or Zombies

We all know of Val Kilmer, but how much do we really know. That’s what we get to find out in the Amazon Original documentary. Val will bring us home videos, self-taped footage, and more.

For those who prefer a series, S.O.Z. Soldiers or Zombies is the one to check out. The downside is there’s no English dubbing so you’ll need to watch subtitles, but it’s worth it. The series follows an escaped convict in Mexico who ends up being infected by a zombie virus. Now he’s on the run from the Mexican officials and the American soldiers after him.

What to look forward to streaming on Amazon Prime Video

There are a few great additions during the month. Here are a few top picks.

  • Modern Love Season 2 — Aug. 13
  • In Bruges (2008) — Aug. 16
  • *Annette (2021) — Aug. 20
  • Killer Among Us (2021) — Aug. 20
  • The Courier (2021) — Aug. 27

What are you streaming on Amazon this week? What are you looking forward to in August? Share your top picks in the comments below.

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