The Pursuit of Love is coming to Amazon tonight

The Pursuit of Love -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Pursuit of Love -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Lily James is taking over the period romance genre, and there’s a new release on Amazon tonight. Look out for The Pursuit of Love.

If there’s one thing we’re here for, it’s more period romances with Lily James in the leading role. The Pursuit of Love comes out on Amazon tonight, and it’s going to be worth the watch.

This isn’t a global original. It’s only being released in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, which means a little disappointment for the release time. We probably won’t get it early. Instead, it’s likely to be released at midnight local on Friday, July 30.

There are three episodes to the limited series. And whether you’ve read the book or not, it’s going to be something to check out.

What is The Pursuit of Love about?

The series follows two cousins, Linda and Fanny, and it’s narrated by the latter. Fanny looks up to Linda and wants to live life just like her. Linda is not a woman of her time, though. Well, she certainly doesn’t act like it!

Linda loves adventure and fun. She’s into sex, and she is certainly more than happy to enjoy life while she finds love. Don’t expect someone prim and proper.

This is a problem for her family, though. As Fanny decides she wants to be just like her cousin, it causes more problems.

It turns out that Linda in the book is a mirror of the author Nancy Mitford. It makes the book a little more meta, and should be a lot of fun for those then watching the TV series.

Dominic West, Emily Mortimer, and Andrew Scott are also in the series.

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The Pursuit of Love is coming to Amazon Prime Video tonight.