Is Old movie on Amazon Prime Video?

Old poster - Courtesy of Universal Pictures
Old poster - Courtesy of Universal Pictures /

Old is the latest movie from M. Night Shyamalan. Don’t want to head to theaters for it? Where can you stream it? Is Old movie on Amazon?

More and more movies are finally heading to theaters. Not all of us want to head there just yet. And for some of us, movie theaters aren’t open yet or have only just opened. Hey, if you live in Ontario like me, theaters only opened last weekend! It was hard!

It’s leading to a lot of people looking for streaming platforms to watch new movies on. Some of them heading to Digital to rent and others went to some sort of streaming platform for free with a membership or a little extra cost.

Is this what will happen with Old movie? Will it come to streaming right away? Even if it doesn’t, will it head to Amazon Prime Video in a few months?

Old movie is not on Amazon Prime Video

There is some bad news for those who want to skip the theaters and stream on Amazon Prime Video. The new thriller isn’t on Amazon Prime Video.

As a Universal Pictures movie, Old movie isn’t going to head to Amazon Prime Video just yet. These movies head to HBO after the theatrical release, and that’s what we’re expecting with this release. In the majority of cases, they head to HBO about six months after the theatrical release, so look out for it at the end of 2021. That was the case for The Invisible ManThe Hunt, and more.

That doesn’t mean it will never go to Prime Video. Movies do end up leaving streaming platforms and heading elsewhere. We’ll keep an eye on whether this will ever happen for Old movie.

Will Old be on Amazon Video?

What about available to watch on Digital? Some of the Universal movies did go to Amazon Video (and other Digital platforms) to rent during the pandemic. That’s not as common now.

However, it will eventually go to Digital. You will be able to get the movie on Amazon Video in around three months’ time. Pay for it once and it will be added to your Amazon Library to watch whenever you’d like.

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Old movie is currently in theaters and will eventually head to HBO. You can watch HBO with Amazon Channels.