When is the Making the Cut Season 2 finale on Amazon Prime Video?

Making the Cut. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios
Making the Cut. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios /

Making the Cut Season 2 is currently streaming weekly on Amazon Prime Video. When can you watch the Making the Cut Season 2 finale?

You’ve watched four episodes of Making the Cut Season 2 so far. As you get into the competition and the journey that the designers are on, you’ll want to make sure you tune in right away for the finale. Of course, that means you need to know when the finale airs.

We have a finale date. Amazon has confirmed that with the list of August releases, making sure everyone knows when to expect the episodes.

When is the Making the Cut Season 2 finale on Amazon?

There are eight episodes of the season. This is a little shorter than the first season, and the pandemic certainly has a part to play in that. However, we’re still getting some beautiful designs and plenty of fun.

The episodes are airing every two weeks. The Making the Cut Season 2 finale will air on Friday, Aug. 6. There will be two episodes dropping on that day, and they’ll drop that the usual time of midnight GMT. This will usually mean a slightly earlier drop at around 7 p.m. ET on the Thursday. There’s no guarantee of this, but it often happens.

This episode will tell us who the winner is. The final three designers will need to showcase their final 10-look collection, passing the last assignments along the way. It’s all for a chance to win $1m to invest in their brand and the opportunity to sell in the Amazon Fashion store.

Will Making the Cut Season 3 happen after that? It is possible, but we’ll likely not find out for a few weeks while Amazon looks at the streaming numbers.

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Making the Cut Season 2 finale airs on Friday, Aug. 6 on Amazon Prime Video.