In the Heights DVD release date set for August 2021

In the Heights is the perfect summer movie, and there’s not long to wait before it comes to DVD and Blu-ray. Check out the In the Heights DVD release date.

You’ll have heard all about the musical with the release of Hamilton. The stage production comes from the same man behind the Revolutionary War-set musical. Lin-Manuel Miranda proves why he’s such a driving force in the industry.

In the Heights is a fun movie with plenty of music that will make you want to get up and dance along. While it was available to stream on HBO Max, it’s not anymore. And you’ve likely wanted the DVD anyway just to add it to your collection.

There is a release date set for the In the Heights DVD and Blu-ray. Here’s everything you need to know.

In the Heights DVD release date

There isn’t too much longer to wait for the movie, and there will still be time to dance along in the summer weather. In the Heights DVD and Blu-ray releases are happening on Tuesday, Aug. 31.

You can pre-order In the Heights via Amazon right now. With the pre-orders, you’ll land the price guarantee. This is perfect when you want to lock in the release but you worry about the lower prices up to the release date. You’re guaranteed those lower prices regardless of the amount you agree to at the pre-order.

The movie will come with a Digital code too. It’s well worth getting the combo boxsets for this reason. It means that while a set date for the Digital release isn’t confirmed just yet, it’s going to be out by Aug. 31 at the latest.

As for now, it’s still playing in some theaters. Eventually, it will come back to HBO and HBO Max.

In the Heights is coming to DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, Aug. 31.