Are the Fear Street movies on Amazon?

Fear Street Part 1 - Courtesy of Netflix
Fear Street Part 1 - Courtesy of Netflix /

Fear Street has taken over Netflix. The movie trilogy quickly proved to be everything we needed and more based on the books. Are the movies on Amazon?

When it comes to horror books, the Fear Street novels by R.L. Stine were certainly a huge success. They remain a book series we recommend to teenage readers. We’ve been waiting some time to see an adaptation of some sort.

That’s finally happened. Netflix brought us three movies set in three different time periods. They all focused on the same problem: breaking the curse in Shadyside.

If you don’t have Netflix and want to see everything on Amazon Prime Video, you’ll want to know if the Fear Street movies are on there. Will they ever come to there? Is there another way you can stream on Netflix?

The Fear Street movies won’t come to Amazon

There is some bad news. It’s highly unlikely that the Fear Street movies will ever come to Amazon Prime Video. Never say “never,” but there’s no need for Netflix movies to head to another streaming platform. Netflix is a big enough streaming platform to keeps its originals on there.

That being said, if something ever did happen to Netflix and it combined with Amazon, we’d see the library shift.

What about on Digital, though? Could it be possible to buy the movies on Amazon Video? This is also highly unlikely.

There’s no need for Netflix to put its movies on Digital. Unless the contract states it, which is common with Warner Bros. studios originals, most Netflix Originals remain purely on the streaming platform. There’s no need to put the content on Digital because it takes people away from Netflix.

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What did you think of the Fear Street movies? Would you like to own them on Digital? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Fear Street movies are on Netflix.