What’s streaming on Amazon Prime Video this week? [July 19–25]

Making the Cut. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios
Making the Cut. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios /

We’re into a new week, and that means looking forward to the content that’s dropping on streaming platforms. What is streaming on Amazon this week?

There is some bad news for those looking for new content on Amazon Prime Video this week. July 19 to 25 sees very little new on Amazon. In fact, nothing at all is dropping until Friday, July 23.

There are two new episodes of Making the Cut Season 2 dropping on Friday. That’s it.

The pandemic is certainly causing problems for the streaming platforms. With filming unable to happen during summer 2020 and most streaming shows not starting filming until January 2021, it’s meant that there isn’t any content ready for the streamers now.

What’s streaming on Amazon from during the month

There is some content that you can watch from earlier in the month, though. This content is going to be worth streaming throughout this week. After all, there were plenty of movies on Amazon that dropped on July 1.

Chances are you didn’t work your way through them completely. There are movies like The Last King of ScotlandPhiladelphia, and Julie & Julia that you’ll definitely want to watch.

There are also some great Amazon Originals from this month and the last few months. Spend some time watching The Tomorrow WarPanic, and The Underground Railroad.

You can also turn your attention to IMDb TV, Amazon’s free streaming service. Leverage: Redemption makes an excellent binge-watch during the week. You can also spend time watching some of the new old-school content that recently dropped, including the original Perry Mason and the medical drama Code Black.

Rebel also dropped. If you want to help this show land a second season, now is the time to watch, even if it’s a rewatch. Let IMDb TV know that you want this show saved.

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What are you streaming on Amazon this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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