The Boys Season 3 release date updates: Is the new season happening? When is it coming out?

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Panagiotis Pantazidis/Amazon Studios
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Panagiotis Pantazidis/Amazon Studios /

The Boys Season 3 is happening at Amazon Prime Video. Will it be the last season? When will we get to watch it? Here’s what we know so far.

All eyes are certainly on The Boys Season 3. We know it’s happening. It was renewed ahead of the second season premiering on Amazon Prime Video, allowing us to go into the season without being concerned about the cliffhanger we knew Eric Kripke would include.

Now all eyes are on when the third season will arrive. Is it going to be the last season, or will we get a chance to see more from The Seven, The Boys, and more?

Here’s a look at everything we know about The Boys Season 3 so far. Updates will come as they happen.

How many seasons of The Boys are there?

There are currently two seasons of the series available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. Both seasons have eight episodes each, and you can binge-watch them to your heart’s content.

A third season is happening. After that, we don’t yet know whether there will be more to the story, but we certainly hope so!

Is Season 3 of The Boys going to happen?

Season 3 is going to happen. The show was renewed ahead of Season 2 debuting on the streaming platform, and filming is currently happening in Toronto and surrounding areas. Every now and then, there are a few photos shared but the show likes to keep as much as possible under wraps.

How many episodes are in The Boys Season 3?

There will be eight episodes to the season. That’s been the case for the previous two seasons and it’s just enough to tell a complete and gory story for the season.

When is The Boys Season 3 filming?

Filming is already happening. It started in Toronto in January 2021. It’s not clear how long filming will go on for, but it may be coming close to the end now.

The Boys Season 3 release date

We don’t yet have a release date. We’re looking at November 2021 at the earliest, and that would have been without the pandemic causing filming problems. Instead, we’re likely looking at early 2022 at the earliest for the full season.

We’re expecting the hybrid model again. This was something the show requested. While it will have annoyed some, a weekly release allows for that water cooler chat and the sharing of theories between the episodes. Plus, you can always binge-watch at the end of the season!

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The Boys Season 3 is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.