Is Mare of Easttown renewed for Season 2?

Kate Winslet, Evan Peters in Mare of Easttown Episode 2 - Photograph by Sarah Shatz/HBO
Kate Winslet, Evan Peters in Mare of Easttown Episode 2 - Photograph by Sarah Shatz/HBO /

Mare of Easttown quickly proved itself to be a success for HBO. Will this mean a second season? Has HBO renewed Mare of Easttown for Season 2?

Like a few shows on HBO, Mare of Easttown was originally billed as a limited series. However, with the success of the show, there have been questions about whether there will be a second season or not. Naturally, when fans find a good show, they want more to the story.

The Kate Winslet-led series follows police investigator Mare Sheehan. She lives in a small Pennsylvania town and is simply trying to prevent her whole life from falling apart. At the same time, she needs to help solve a brutal murder that could end up throwing her over the edge.

We got to see a a flawed lead female who does have a heart and is a kind soul. She brought humanity and realism to the series, and it’s no wonder Mare ended up being a character to root for and follow. It’s no wonder fans want more.

Has Mare of Easttown been renewed?

As of right now, HBO hasn’t canceled or renewed the crime drama. This doesn’t mean anything bad. First of all, it was billed as a limited series although there are calls for a renewal. The story was complete, although there is still plenty more development for the characters.

Is there going to be a Season 2 of Mare of Easttown?

There isn’t a second season just yet. However, that doesn’t mean it’s completely off the table. According to TVLine, it’s all about finding the story. Series creator Brad Ingelsby says he needs to find a story, but that may never happen. It’s not getting renewed just for the sake of it, and that’s a good thing.

Finding a story is how Big Little Lies was renewed for a second season. After all, that was another show billed as a limited series that ended up continuing.

When does the new season of Mare of Easttown start?

It’s hard to say when the new season could start if it is renewed. That’s going to depend on when the renewal comes and how long it takes for all schedules to match up to film.

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Mare of Easttown is streaming on HBO.