Is Hanna Season 3 coming to Amazon in 2021?

Hanna Season 2 -- Courtesy of Christopher Raphael/Amazon Prime Video
Hanna Season 2 -- Courtesy of Christopher Raphael/Amazon Prime Video /

We’re all waiting for the arrival of Hanna Season 3 on Amazon Prime Video. Could that happen in 2021? Here’s a look at the possibilities.

Our eyes are on the futures of our favorite Amazon shows. It’s been very quiet when it comes to some of the biggest ones, including Hanna Season 3.

We found out in July 2020 that Season 3 would happen. It took just 10 days from the release of Season 2 for Amazon to confirm the good news about the renewal. And then the waiting game began. After all, the renewal came during the pandemic, at a time when filming wasn’t happening anywhere.

Has filming started? Is there a chance that we could see Hanna Season 3 come to Amazon in 2021? Here’s a look at the chances.

Hanna Season 3 will probably premiere in 2022

We’re not likely looking at a 2021 release date. Of course, Amazon could surprise us, but the chances are we’re looking at early 2022 as a release date.

Filming of Hanna Season 3 only started in February 2021 due to the pandemic. Some of that filming is happening in Prague, according to The Prague Reporter.

It is possible that filming started elsewhere earlier than this and it wasn’t reported. The Prague filming made the news because it was the first time filming of the show was in the city.

If February 2021 is the true start date then we’re looking at a year for filming and post-production work. That would suggest February or March 2022 as a release date on Amazon. Hopefully, things have run smoothly, and we’d love to be surprised with an end of 2021 release date, but it’s not looking likely.

Instead, we’re looking at the likes of Upload and Carnival Row to arrive before the end of 2021.

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Hanna is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.