The Tomorrow War ending explained: Did Dan Forester save the world in the future?


The Tomorrow War saw the future come to the present day to save the world. Just how did it end? Did Dan Forester manage to save the world?

The Tomorrow War brought us a time travel movie with a bit of a difference. People had to go to the future to fight the alien creatures to save the world.

Why? This was explained during the movie. The ability to time travel was limited and time is linear. People could only travel forward in time and then back to their own time seven days later.

How would that even help to save the human race? That was something else explained during the movie. It turned out that Dan’s daughter, Mauri, was all grown up in the future and looking for a way to take down the alien species. With the help of her dad, she managed to create a serum that would kill all the aliens.

When Dan went back to his own time, he’d be able to use the serum to stop the aliens when they invaded. The question would be when the aliens would turn up.

The Tomorrow War offered a volcanic twist

The truth about the aliens was there from the beginning. One of Dan’s students was obsessed with volcanoes, and it turned out that the alien creatures had volcanic ash within their spikes.

How? Dan realized that the aliens were already on Earth. They’ve been on Earth for centuries, and that’s why nobody ever saw the aliens invade. They’d come up from the ground.

Dan put together a small team to get to underneath the volcano to the alien ship that had been there for centuries. It was time to take the aliens down.

Sadly, it didn’t quite go as planned. One of the pregnant females did manage to escape. She couldn’t be left out there to have her babies, so Dan and his estranged father went after them. The serum Dan’s daughter in the future made managed to work, although there was a fight, and the final alien was killed.

The war of the future would never happen. Dan would never tell his daughter that he’d met her in the future or that they’d worked together to save the world. However, protecting the world with his dad did mean that he let his dad back into his life so Mauri could have a relationship with her grandfather.

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