Hanna Season 3 is not coming to Amazon in July 2021

Hanna season 1. Photo Credit: Christopher Raphael © Amazon Studios 2018
Hanna season 1. Photo Credit: Christopher Raphael © Amazon Studios 2018 /

If you were hoping for more from one of the strongest young women in the world this July, you’ll be disappointed. Hanna Season 3 isn’t coming to Amazon in July 2021.

We’re waiting for a few of our favorite Amazon Originals. There have been a lot of shows delayed due to the pandemic, and sadly, Hanna Season 3 is one of the delays.

It’s not on the list of releases on Amazon in July 2021. We’re waiting a little longer to get to see what happens next.

But how long are we going to have to wait? Is there a chance we’ll get to see it sometime in 2021?

Hanna Season 3 release date

If we’re honest, we didn’t expect to see the season in July 2021 even under normal circumstances. It usually takes 14 to 18 months between seasons, so we’d be expecting the season in September 2021 at the earliest.

That doesn’t mean we’ll get it in September, though. There’s very little known about the third season, including whether filming is even ongoing right now. Chances are that filming is now happening as the majority of shows have been able to get back to normal.

Without knowing how far into filming the show is, we have to go with the presumption that it’s not going to be ready for 2021. We’ll likely see this show release sometime in 2022.

What to expect on Hanna Season 3

The second season of the show ended with Marissa managing to take over the project involving the teenage girls. However, she’s not taking over it to continue the way John was running it. The question is what her plans are.

Meanwhile, Clara made it to Morocco where she reunited with her birth mother. There’s some hope that she’ll be able to enjoy a happy life, but is that really going to be possible? She’s a trained soldier, and there’s no way she’ll be able to just live normally now.

Then there’s Hanna, who is with Marissa again. After working with her for the majority of the season, she’s now standing by Marissa to take control of The Pioneer Group. What’s next? That was Hanna’s question.

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Hanna is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.