Carnival Row Season 2 is not coming to Amazon in July 2021

Photo: Carnival Row: Season 1.. Image: Amazon Prime Video
Photo: Carnival Row: Season 1.. Image: Amazon Prime Video /

One of the Amazon Originals we’ve been waiting quite a while for is Carnival Row Season 2. Sadly, it’s not coming to Amazon in July 2021.

There are a few TV shows that we’re still waiting for new seasons for. Amazon has been somewhat delayed with them, but it’s not the streamer’s fault. The pandemic caused delays to filming, which led to delays to release dates.

Carnival Row Season 2 is one of the shows we’re waiting for. The season was not included on the list of releases in July 2021. We double-checked just to make sure.

This means it’s going to be at least 24 months from when we watched the first season. After all, August 2021 is the earliest it could now arrive.

Carnival Row Season 2 release date

Filming on the second season has come to an end. That’s great news, but there are going to be many fans disappointed that it’s still not on Amazon Prime Video.

Carnival Row Season 2’s filming was delayed. It had already started when the pandemic started back in March 2020. In fact, the show was close to finishing filming, but everything shut down and that was it until the end of 2020.

It didn’t take too long to film the final episodes. However, we’re not expecting Carnival Row Season 2 until the end of 2021. The episodes will take a lot of post-production work for the graphics. Fantasy and sci-fi shows tend to need the most.

The season is going to be worth the wait. After the events of the Season 1 finale, the city has strict borders to keep all the magical creatures away from the human. This will affect everyone around the city, but especially Vignette and Philo, who are now both in the fae zone.

Meanwhile, Imogen confessed her feelings for Agreus. Agreus fought against Imogen’s brother, and the two managed to escape to a boat. They were told to turn the boat around while the segregation of Carnival Row happened, but they refused.

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Carnival Row Season 1 is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Stay tuned for the latest updates about Carnival Row Season 2.