Is F9 on Amazon?

F9: The Fast Saga character movie poster, photo courtesy Universal Pictures
F9: The Fast Saga character movie poster, photo courtesy Universal Pictures /

F9 is the latest addition in The Fast Saga. It’s currently out in theaters, but what about if you want to watch it at home? Can you stream F9 on Amazon?

As of right now, F9 isn’t available to stream anywhere. That’s not too surprising since the movie has only just come to theaters. While Universal did release movies on Digital for rent during 2020, with more theaters opening up, this possibly won’t happen throughout 2021.

You can’t stream F9 on Amazon right now. It’s not available on either Amazon Video to rent or Amazon Prime Video to stream.

But what about in the future? Will we ever see the Fast and Furious 9 head to Amazon Prime Video?

F9 on Amazon Prime Video is not likely to happen

It’s unlikely that we’ll see the movie head to Amazon Prime Video. The ninth movie in the saga is from Universal Pictures. Movies from this production studio head to HBO Now after the theatrical release, usually about six to eight months after the release.

The good news is you can still get HBO via Amazon Channels. It’ll be possible to keep it contained within Amazon Prime Video by getting the channel.

Eventually, there is a chance that F9 will head to Amazon Prime Video. This is going to be in a few years, though.

What about to rent or buy on Amazon Video? This is where there is some good news. Once F9 comes to DVD and Blu-ray, it will also head to Digital. You’ll then be able to buy the movie via Amazon Video. Once you buy it, it’ll be added to your Amazon Library, so you get to watch it whenever you want.

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F9: The Fast Saga is currently available to watch in theaters and will come to HBO Now first for streaming.