What is Leverage: Redemption about?

Leverage: Redemption -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video/IMDb TV
Leverage: Redemption -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video/IMDb TV /

Leverage: Redemption is heading to IMDb TV in July 2021. What exactly is the series about, and is it going to be worth the watch?

Amazon’s free streaming service brings a lot of third-party movies and shows, but there are originals every now and then. July will see the release of one of those IMDb TV OriginalsLeverage: Redemption.

You may recognize the series. It is a revival of the action crime drama Leverage. The series will even see some of the original cast return, including Christian Kane, Aldis Hodge, and Gina Bellman.

Before you dive into a show, you’ll want to know what it’s about. It’s important to make sure it sounds like something for you. Here’s a look at what Leverage: Redemption is about.

What is Leverage: Redemption about?

The eight-episode series is a revival of the original Leverage series. Not all characters will return, but the premise is very similar.

The group is back offering help to those who require some sort of justice. No, this isn’t like CBS’s The Equalizer. This form of justice is against large corporations and the government. The aim is to help the everyday citizens, and often on a financial level.

Like the original series, Redemption is a procedural setup. Sure, there are some elements of the characters’ storylines that will roll over, but the main storylines involving the justice follow an episode-by-episode format.

There are 16 episodes in the first season, but those episodes will be released in two parts. The first eight episodes arrive on Friday, July 9. The second half of the season will arrive in the fall.

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What did you love about the original series? What are you excited to see on Leverage: Redemption? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Leverage: Redemption is coming to IMDb TV on Friday, July 9. You don’t need an Amazon Prime Video subscription to watch it.