Is Upload Season 2 coming to Amazon in 2021?

Upload season 1- Courtesy of Katie Yu/Amazon Studios
Upload season 1- Courtesy of Katie Yu/Amazon Studios /

We know that Upload Season 2 is officially happening, but we don’t know when. Is there a chance it could come to Amazon in 2021?

We’ll start with the great news. Not only is Upload Season 2 definitely happening, but it has already completed filming.

This is one of those shows that was hit by the pandemic. Filming was put on hold until January 2021, which was a little later than initially planned. However, there were no problems while filming, and that’s led to a relatively quick turnaround time.

With the show’s filming wrapped, all eyes are on when it could premiere. Is there a chance we could see Upload Season 2 in 2021?

When will Upload Season 2 premiere on Amazon Prime Video?

There is definitely a good chance that the second season could come in 2021. There is a lot of post-production work to happen, but this is a show that tries to do everything without effects as possible. Visual effects can end up taking viewers out of the series, and that’s not something that Greg Daniels wanted to happen.

However, there are some visual effects necessary. This is a series that takes place partly in a digital world, after all!

It shouldn’t take the whole year to get through the VFX. There is a good chance that the Upload Season 2 release date could be set for 2021.

We’re looking toward to end of 2021 because of some of the effects necessary. September or October could be possible, but we could have to wait until December.

It’s going to be worth the wait, for sure! This was one of the best Amazon shows of 2020, and there’s no doubt that we’re excited to see what’s to come next for Nathan, especially now that Ingrid has uploaded herself!

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What do you hope to see on Upload Season 2? What questions do you have after the Season 1 finale? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Upload is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.