What’s streaming on Amazon Prime Video this weekend? [June 5–6, 2021]

Dom -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Dom -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

It’s a new weekend, and this is a good one for content on Amazon. There’s nothing new during the weekend, but plenty streaming on Amazon Prime Video from the week.

This weekend is a quiet one when it comes to new content during the actual weekend. There’s nothing being added to Amazon Prime Video. You can turn to Amazon Channels if you want something new.

However, while there’s nothing new streaming on Amazon Prime Video, there’s been a lot of new content during the week. We’ve had the first-of-the-month drop, along with some great TV shows joining the streaming service on Friday, June 4.

Not sure where to get started? Here are a few top suggestions on Prime Video with some content to look forward to during the month of June.

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video: Dom, Britannia, and more

We start with the release of the newest Amazon Original on the streamer. This one is the first scripted Original from Brazil, and is titled Dom. Based on a true story, it follows a father and son on the opposite sides of the war on drugs. It’s a gritty drama that is sure to leave you wanting more. All eight episodes are available to stream.

If you loved Family Man Season 1, you’ll be happy to hear that the second season arrived on the streaming platform from Friday, June 4. This season sees old foes joining with even more dangerous people to put Srikant Tiwari’s family at risk.

Then there’s the release of Britannia Season 2. It’s been a long time coming, and we weren’t even sure if Amazon would eventually release the second season! After all, it’s pulled out of the third season. The season picks up two years after the first season, starting with a dead man awakening and threatening everything.

There are also some great releases from the first of the month, including Work in ProgressThe L Word: Generation QThis Means War, and Signs.

What to look forward to on Amazon in June

There are some excellent new shows and movies arriving throughout the month of June. Here are the notable additions to check out.

  • Billions Season 4 — June 9
  • Pinocchio (2020) — June 11
  • *Flack Season 2 — June 11
  • *Bosch Season 7 — June 25

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What are you streaming on Amazon Prime Video this weekend? Share your top picks in the comments below.

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