Is Dom renewed for Season 2?

Dom -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Dom -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Dom is one of the latest Amazon Originals to drop on the streamer. If you love gritty foreign-language dramas, you’ll have loved this. Now you want Season 2.

Some of the greatest dramas to come to streaming platforms have been foreign-language offerings. That’s certainly the case here. Brazil’s first scripted Amazon Original is inspired by the true story of Pedro Dom.

Dom follows two members of the same family. Victor is a military intelligence agent who passionately fights the war on drugs. He wants to eradicate drugs and take down the criminals.

On the other side is Victor’s son, Pedro. Pedro got a taste for cocaine as a teenager and since then has grown to be one of the biggest criminal kingpins in the country. The war on drugs is going to tear the family apart.

Is there going to be more of this gritty time drama? Here’s what we know so far.

Has Dom been renewed?

Right now, the series isn’t canceled or renewed. Dom only dropped on the streaming platform on Friday, June 4, so the lack of renewal isn’t that surprising. While there have been cases of Amazon renewing shows ahead of their first seasons, they’ve been for the big fantasy and superhero shows that have gained a lot of attention in the run-up to their releases, such as The Wheel of Time and The Boys.

Is there going to be a Season 2 of Dom?

We’re on the fence about Dom. The show is wonderful and definitely worth the time watching. However, it’s a foreign-language drama. This hasn’t stopped people watching the past, but it can put some people off. Not everyone wants to read the subtitles, and that’s a shame if I’m honest. There are a lot of great shows people are missing by skipping the subtitles.

When does the new season of Dom start?

If the show is renewed, we’re looking at it taking about 14–18 months for the second season to arrive on Amazon. That means likely at the start of August to the start of December 2022.

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Dom is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.