Who are the judges on Panic Season 1?

Panic Season 1 - Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Panic Season 1 - Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

Nobody knows who started Panic. Nobody within the game also knows who the judges are. However, we get to find out the truth throughout the season.

Caution: There are spoilers in this post for most of Panic Season 1, but only when it comes to the reveal of the judges. We won’t share who won the game just yet.

The first season of Panic certainly took us on a twisty and wild ride. Throughout the series, we learned there were judges. These judges were unknown, even to the people who would give the details of each task the players were meant to complete.

It was during the season that we learned judges could be involved in the games. They were allowed to play the game, which certainly helped to make a few things make sense. We had the chance to find out how the judges knew certain things that only the players would know, especially when it came to their secrets.

Only one of the judges was a player in the recent game. The other judge was on the sidelines.

Heather knew both the judges on Panic Season 1

During Episode 4, we learned who the first judge was. While everyone was at the party, someone spray-painted a clue for everyone to find.

That someone? Only Bishop Moore.

We also later found out that he had the money that had been collected throughout the year. He held onto it until it was time to hand it to the winner. However, someone else was onto him as a judge, got the money, and ran. Bishop had to sell his car to get the money back.

The second judge wasn’t revealed until close to the end. Natalie was the second judge, and yes, she was playing the game.

Remember, judges were allowed to play as long as they didn’t win. There were a few clues that Natalie was one of the judges, mostly with the ability for the judges to know so much about some of the players; secrets that the players had really only told Natalie.

She also lost her place in the game. This was a way to take her out of the game without anyone suspecting her of being a judge. It wasn’t until after this that the secrets came out. It’s also no wonder she was more than happy to split the prize money with either Dodge or Heather. She couldn’t win, but making a deal like this would land her some of the prize money anyway.

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What did you think of the rules to Panic? Did you guess the judges before they were revealed? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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