Is Goliath renewed for Season 4?

Goliath -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video/Greg Lewis -- Acquired via EPK.TV
Goliath -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video/Greg Lewis -- Acquired via EPK.TV /

It’s been a while since we’ve heard much about some of our favorite Amazon shows. Goliath is one of them. Is Season 4 still happening at Amazon?

When it comes to American legal dramas, Goliath is one that you need to check out. Billy Bob Thornton stars as Billy McBride, a brilliant lawyer who walked away from his successful law firm after a murder suspect got off on a technicality. McBride turned to alcohol to deal with the pain, living in an extended-stay hotel.

He’s pulled back into the legal system with one last chance to get justice. Truth is a commodity in a world where the scales are weighted toward the rich.

Over the course of three seasons, McBridge has worked on himself while helping those who need it the most. Is there going to be another case?

Has Goliath been renewed?

We found out back in November 2019 that there would be a fourth season of Goliath. There is another case for McBride to get involved in. However, there is some bad news. It is confirmed as the final season of the series.

Is there going to be a Season 4 of Goliath?

With the pandemic, it’s easy to fear that your favorite shows have been “unrenewed” or quietly canceled. That’s not the case with the Billy Bob Thornton series. Season 4 is definitely still happening at Amazon Prime Video.

When does the new season of Goliath start?

There is very little information about the series right now. While we know Season 4 is happening, we don’t know the stage of production it’s in. Production on all shows was paused during 2020 due to the pandemic and not all have picked back up fully again yet.

We’re keeping an eye on the series. With any hope, we’ll get the fourth season before the end of 2021.

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Goliath is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.