Solos visually stunning trailer, release date, cast and more

Solos - Episode 107 - "STUART"Credit: Jason LaVerisCopyright: Amazon StudiosDescription: Pictured (L-R): Dan Stevens (Otto), Morgan Freeman (Stuart)
Solos - Episode 107 - "STUART"Credit: Jason LaVerisCopyright: Amazon StudiosDescription: Pictured (L-R): Dan Stevens (Otto), Morgan Freeman (Stuart) /

Amazon Studios has released the trailer for the new sci-fi anthology series Solos. The trailer is amazingly done and shows off the stacked cast. This original series will premiere on Amazon on May 21.

Solos is a seven-part anthology that follows the stories of eight different characters and takes the viewer on an emotional roller coaster. The series was created by David Weil (Hunters), who also produces along with Laura Lancaster, Sam Taylor-Johnson, and Pixie Wespiser.

Weil makes his directorial debut with this series and will be joined by Taylor-Johnson, Zach Braff, and Tiffany Johnson.

In the trailer, we see a foundation laid for individual storylines, but there seems to be a bit of overlap. The series is thought-provoking, with character-driven stories showing that we are all linked by a human connection.

When does Solos release on Amazon?

Amazon will release all seven parts of Solos on May 21. Most people prefer it when all of the episodes release simultaneously so that they can binge the series. This series seems to be on a deeper level and may need to be digested in smaller doses.

The series stars Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway, Helen Mirren, Uzo Aduba, Anthony Mackie, Constance Wu, Dan Stevens, and Nicole Behaire. Talk about an A-list cast and TWO Anthony Mackie’s? Sign me up!

Entertainment Weekly got a first look at the characters and who they are. A gifted scientist, a pregnant woman, living alone in the woods, a woman alone out in space, and another woman who has lived through a global pandemic and become something of a hermit.

One of the men buys a new product to ensure his family isn’t left alone when he dies. One woman, stuck in a waiting room, feels she is there for some sort of retribution. The final two characters, where one has dementia and the second has some ulterior motive for helping him recover his memory.

The characters sound fascinating, and given our current state of the world, the ‘alone’ theme isn’t foreign to most of us.

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Although the trailer doesn’t give anything away, it looks to be an emotional deep dive into the human connection even while experiencing life alone. Because the series is classified as a sci-fi dramatic anthology, I believe we can expect the unexpected from this series.

Be sure to catch Solos on Amazon Prime Video starting May 21.