What time is The Underground Railroad coming to Amazon Prime Video?

Pictured: Thuso Mbedu (Cora Randall) in The Underground Railroad - Courtesy of Kyle Kaplan/Amazon Studios
Pictured: Thuso Mbedu (Cora Randall) in The Underground Railroad - Courtesy of Kyle Kaplan/Amazon Studios /

The Underground Railroad will be on Amazon Prime Video at the end of the week. What time is the release going to happen? Here’s all you need to know.

While May is quiet for TV shows, there is one that the majority of Amazon Prime subscribers are looking forward to. It’s all about Barry Jenkins’s The Underground Railroad, based on the Colson Whitehead novel of the same name.

The series drops in full at the end of the week, but you’ll want to know when you can start watching it. This is a global original, which means it’s dropping at midnight GMT on Friday, May 14.

There’s some great news for people in North America. There’s a chance the series will drop a little earlier because of time zones. Look out for the series at around 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on Thursday, May 13. If the series isn’t available right away, keep checking in. It’ll be available by midnight local.

What is The Underground Railroad about?

If you’ve read Whitehead’s novel, you’ll have an idea of what to expect with the series. It’s set in the Antebellum South and follows Cora Randall, played by Thuso Mbedu, who makes a desperate bid for freedom.

After escaping a plantation, she heads for the rumored Underground Railroad, which she thinks is just going to be a metaphor. It turns out that it’s a real railroad leading Black slaves out of the South to freedom.

As she makes her bid for freedom, she’s chased by Ridgeway, a bounty hunter who views this job more personally than others. Her mother Mabel is the only escaped slave he’s never caught.

There will be 10 episodes to the show that all drop at once. This is a limited series to tell the full story, which will be appealing for some.

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The Underground Railroad is available on Amazon Prime Video by midnight on Friday, May 14.