Upload Season 2 is not coming to Amazon in May 2021

Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Aaron Epstein/Amazon Studios
Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Aaron Epstein/Amazon Studios /

We’ve been waiting a year for answers to the questions left after the Upload Season 1 finale. Will we get answers this month? Sadly not. Upload Season 2 isn’t coming this month.

We do have a lot of questions for the second season of the dramedy. The first season ended with Robbie Amell’s character, Nathan, in the 2gb area with all his data used up on the first day! Of course, it was for a good reason as he needed to save Nora.

Ingrid opted to upload herself to be with Nathan only to find out that he had demoted herself to the 2gb world. There are going to be a lot of discussions to come, and we haven’t even gotten to the bottom of who killed Nathan in the first place!

Sadly, it’s going to take some time to get some answers. Upload Season 2 was not on the list of May 2021 arrivals.

When will Upload Season 2 come to Amazon Prime Video?

There is a little bit of good news within the bad. Back in April, Robbie Amell shared on Instagram that filming on the second season was complete. Now it just needs to go through post-production.

This does take time. There are a lot of digital effects within the world of Upload, although as much as possible is done without the graphics. That will mean that we won’t get the show within the next month or so.

We should see Upload Season 2 arrive before 2021 has come to an end. It could even be possible to get it by summer or even fall of this year. There shouldn’t be much longer left to wait, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye on the news to see what’s going on.

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Upload is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video right now.