What’s streaming on Amazon this weekend: May 8–9, 2021

The Girlfriend Experience Season 3, Episode 2 - Courtesy of Starz / Aimee Spinks
The Girlfriend Experience Season 3, Episode 2 - Courtesy of Starz / Aimee Spinks /

Got a weekend with nothing to do? Looking for a way to relax? TV shows and movies are perfect, and here’s what’s streaming on Amazon this weekend.

This weekend is packed with content when you look across Amazon Prime Video, IMDb TV, and the various Amazon Channels. That includes the content that dropped during the weeks, including The Boy from Medellín, which is a must-watch for J. Balvin fans.

But what about the new content over the course of the weekend? Amazon Prime Video has one movie heading to us on Sunday, May 9. Robot & Frank is going to be available, and it focuses on an aging jewel thief who gets the gift of a robot from his son. Frank doesn’t want to accept the gift at first but then realizes that this robot is perfect for burglaries.

If you want an action movie, IMDb TV has you covered on Saturday, May 8 with Hotel Artemis. A nurse and an orderly have a secret hospital and hotel for criminals in LA. When a new group of patients arrive, they cause the nurse and her orderly far more problems than they’ve ever faced.

What’s streaming on Amazon Channels this weekend?

While there isn’t much coming to Amazon Prime Video, the Amazon Channels subscriptions have a few more options. It all starts with HBO, which sees Greenland arrive on Saturday, May 9. It was originally on Amazon Prime Video, but now it’s coming to HBO. The Gerald Butler movie is about a comet that is about to wipe out the entire population. A man needs to get his family to a bunker if he wants to save their lives.

Meanwhile, STARZ is the place to turn for TV shows. New episodes of The Gloaming and Confronting a Serial Killer continue. If you’re looking for something new, The Girlfriend Experience Season 3 premiered last weekend and there’s a new episode on Sunday, May 9. You’ve got time this weekend to play catch up.

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What are you streaming on Amazon this weekend? What are you looking forward to throughout the week to come? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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