The Unholy is coming to Digital in May 2021

Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Unholy - Courtesy of Sony Pictures Releasing
Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Unholy - Courtesy of Sony Pictures Releasing /

While movie releases have been quiet this year, there have been some standout theatrical releases. The Unholy is one of them, and it’s on Digital soon.

The Unholy came out in theaters at the start of April. It has received mixed reviews, but isn’t that always the case with horror movies? It’s certainly something for The Walking Dead and Supernatural fans as it stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

He’s a disgruntled journalist who visits a small town when he finds out a young deaf woman has suddenly gained the power to heal. Of course, he wants to debunk her abilities, especially when it also turns out she can now hear and speak. And all because she was visited by the Virgin Mary.

He soon starts to question whether the stories are true. Or is it possible that there’s something evil going on?

If you can’t get to the theaters to see it, you’ll be waiting for it to, at least, come to Digital. The great news is that The Unholy is on Digital on Tuesday, May 25. You can pre-order the release on Amazon Video already, and it will be available to purchase rather than rent.

When is The Unholy on DVD and Blu-ray?

A lot of the time, the Digital release is just a couple of weeks before the DVD and Blu-ray release. Is that the case here?

Sadly not. At least, it’s not confirmed right now. There isn’t a date set for The Unholy on DVD and Blu-ray. With an April 2 theatrical release, we’re looking at the start of July for the DVD and Blu-ray release. Most production studios are following the three-month guide for releasing movies on DVD and Blu-ray.

Releasing on Digital so early is a strategy from some studios to help boost the income from the movies released. Most of them have been releasing the movies on Digital to rent, but that wasn’t the case with The Unholy.

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The Unholy is on Digital on Tuesday, May 25.